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Wall Washing

Clean walls makes a home presence appear clean, but with the limited time that we have in our day-to-day activities the walls in our homes do not receive the attention that it needs. Often times, the walls are not on our daily chore list or everyday cleaning routine. Walls require just as much care as other areas in the home. 

Shine Far Cleaning Services is dedicated to providing the care that your walls deserves to ensure the presence of a clean home. 

Shine Far Cleaning Services can wash every wall in your home, which includes the following areas: 

  • ​High-Traffic Areas ​

  • Bathroom 

  • Kitchen 

What do you have on your walls? 

Daily our walls receive smudges and marks. Most homes have children and pets that leave numerous amounts of marks and fingerprints daily. These daily markings causes the walls to appear unclean. 

Walls accumulate cobwebs, dust, and even crayon markings that can stain or cling to the walls in your home. Even with you cooking on a regular bases, that can cause the walls to accumulate smudge, similar to a fire on the walls causing the color of the walls to change from the build-up. 

Regardless of paint type, Shine Far Cleaning Services is able to remove the toughest build-up and marks on your walls. Most homes have flat or matte paint, which tends to showcase the dirt, build up, and markings, allowing them to become visible. Satin paint, is easier to wash than your flat and matte paint. Eggshell, which tends to have a glossy finish, is easier to wash. 


Floor Washing

Floor washing is an important factor for a clean home. Shine Far Cleaning Services specializes in extracting dirt, debris, and allergens from the floor. 

Move-In & Move-Out 

Moving-In & Out can be a stressful, but joyous occasion. Why not hire help? Shine Far Cleaning Services relieves the stress of having to move. We are even able to assist with packing and unpacking to make the process easier. During your free consultation, we are able to discuss the needs that you have. Let us take on the stress of the pre and post clean up of your home.

Basic Cleaning 

For basic cleaning, Shine Far offers day-to-day cleaning. 


Shine Far Cleaning, provides deep cleaning outside of your regular day-to-day cleaning.

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